Banking Bitcoins Taxation

The Handbook of International Money
Management and Digital Assets

  • Offshore Banking Crypto Currencies and Taxation explained
  • Beginner-friendly instruction for your offshore account
  • More than 70 pages professional content.
  • Extra:Blockchain Glossary of Terms
  • BONUS Use Case: International money transfer using crypto

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About the Author

Tilmar Wilhelm Goos is a Swiss based business, banking and digital asset professional. He has over 10 years international experience and has been working in China, Mexico, the Netherlands, and Portugal. The focus of his international background and experience is international business and banking, international tax law in the digital economy, corporate law, investment in China, Brazil, India, Portuguese speaking African countries.

Through this experience he advised his clients on a variety of business as well as legal issues mainly in the digital economy with focus on crypto currencies. In a world where matching the features of multiple juridical systems with those of international rules has become increasingly complex. International tax planning, in particular with digital assets, need to be ever more aligned with the business reality in order to avoid being perceived as artificial.

Tilmar is a frequent speaker at international conferences. He also publishes articles on digital finance and related topics. He holds an LL.M in European and Transglobal Business Law & Taxation as well as a BBA degree International Trade focused on China & Mandarin Chinese.

He speaks German, English, Dutch, Spanish and is able to communication in Mandarin Chinese and Portuguese. His Ph.D research is facilitated by the University of Minho, where he collaborates with Prof. Dr. Carlos Menezes. Tilmar focuses on accounting and accountability in Big Data Management, Digital Ethics and the role of blockchain technology in a Data Science context.